Protect Yourself On The Mountain

Sunscreen and lip balm

Don't let the cool atmosphere fool you, the sun's rays can still get you when on the mountain. No one enjoys having a funny looking goggle tan, so protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen that suits the alpine environment or sporting activity.

Also, don't forget that the air on the mountain tends to dry out your skin and lips. So while smothering your face in SPF, pucker up and whip on some lipbalm or chapstick.


Helmets are proving popular on the mountain and are the best way to protect your head from any knocks. It doesn't matter if you are new to the snow or an experienced skier or snowboarder; you should always wear a helmet to avoid the risk of a head injury.

Grab a helmet by renting or buying one to make sure you don't come off second best – another positive note is that they keep you warm too!]

Wrist Guards

Many snowboarders swear by wrist guards so we highly recommended investing in some when you are riding the slopes. Why risk a broken bone when there is equipment out there to protect yourself with.

Check out the mountain's rental shop or head to a snow sports retailer to grab some for the coming winter season. They’re relatively inexpensive and make you feel that bit safer on the hill. Some gloves also come with built in wrist guards so if you want to reduce the bulk, look into a pair of these!


The sun can not only get your skin, but your eyes too and often forgotten about are protective eyewear and goggles. Most places generally won’t rent goggles due to hygiene reasons.

If goggles aren't in the budget, ensure that at the very least you are wearing sunglasses with high a UV rating because if they don’t protect your eyes, snow blindness can occur – a temporary damage to the eyes caused by snow reflecting UV light.


Don't forget a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and feeling fresh throughout the day. Snacks are a good idea as well, so put a dried fruit and nuts or a muesli bar in your jacket pocket to keep the thrills at a maximum and the spills to a minimum.