Mt Cheeseman Snow Report

Report issued: Jul 18, 2018, 5:07:06 AM
  • Mountain Status: Open
  • Weather Status: Sunny
  • Temperature: 0°C
  • Last Snowfall: Jul 18, 2018
  • Min Snow Depth: 32cm
  • Max Snow Depth: 80cm
  • Last Snowfall Amount: 1cm
  • Weather Comment: Mostly fine day. Small clouds about the divide unlikely to reach the ski field.
  • Snow Comment: The skiing will be pretty good today. Full grooming has taken place across the field. Off-piste terrain is either shaded chalky powder or will soften by the sun by mid-morning. See you here!
Main T-Bar Open
Access to the main ski basin. Once up experience our beautiful groomed runs, amazing off piste skiing, and the Mousetrap Terrain Park. Whatever you like there is always something for everyone!
Ridge T-Bar Open
Great 360 degree views, off piste and piste skiing and riding for intermediate and advanced skiers, and access to great out of bounds terrain for those keen to tour!
Learners Tow Open
The Learners Tow is located right in front of our awesome Daylodge Facility and Cockayne Cafe. This is a great spot to learn to make your first turns, take a lesson or let the kids roam wild while you enjoy a lovely coffee on the deck of the Daylodge.
Services & Facilities
Mt Cocayne Cafe Open
Fantastic Hummingbird Coffee, yummy snacks, great gourmet food, baked goods and sparkly beverages available.
Snowline Lodge Open
Stay on the mountain in the awesome Snowline Lodge for a true ski-in/ski-out experience! We provide overnight lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner for savvy skiers and riders!

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation during September is only available on Friday and Saturday nights.
Ski Hire Open
We have a full ski and snowboard hire service as well as winter clothing, helmets and goggles. Fitting,and tuning/repair services are also available. Pop in and talk to our friendly staff and they will hook you up with all you need to have a great day on the slopes!
Forest Lodge Backpackers Open
This is a great spot to have a winter gathering or book in your summertime stay now!
Access Road Open

For 2018 we a have a new chain fitting area at Quarry Corner to give us some more scope. The other chain signs have been updated accordingly so be sure to follow what is posted on the signs as things can change between you reading this report early in the morning and getting to the mountain.

For safety reasons it is extremely IMPORTANT that you carry adequate chains that fit your vehicle at all times. Road conditions may change. Please check with our friendly ticket office staff before ascending or descending the mountain.

Mt Cheeseman Webcams

Learners Area

2018 07 18 12 30 30

Main T Bar

2018 07 13 09 20 32

Base Area

2018 07 18 12 30 33

Weather Forecast for Mount Cheeseman
Issued: Jul 18, 2018, 7:34:12 AM

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